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On this page, as well as the following pages, you can view the current Official Sub Breeds.
Click the "Features" link to view many of the different general characteristics Scuttle Bugs can have.

Bubblegum BugsBubblegum Bugs
These bugs have medium red eyes, medium Pink shell, Pink spikes, and Dark Blue body.
Created by evestar

Terracotta BugsTerracotta Bugs
These bugs have medium blue eyes, a small red-violate shell with pink spikes, and a terracotta color body.
Created by anniesbeaks & ♥FriendsOnly♥

Little DevilsLittle Devils
These bugs have tiny pink eyes, a medium dark suntan shell with dark sunburn pink spikes, and a white body. The unique feature of Little Devils are the 2 long equally spaced spikes that are positioned on either side of their eyes. With the other spikes on the shell being lower than the two longer spikes, it makes the Scuttle look as if they have horns. As such the name Little Devils was made to represent the smaller body size of the Little Devils and the horn like appearance of their shells.
Created by Muddyfoot & Ankokou

Caribbean Sand ScuttlesCaribbean Sand Scuttles
These bugs have small hazel eyes, a medium sandy color shell with sandy orange spikes, and a turquoise body. "Caribbean Sand Scuttles where discover in a beach, playing in the sand and the crystal clear water of the beach. They have a medium sized shell that looks like little sand dunes and they have a turquoise body that looks like the beautiful blue sea hence the name Caribbean Sand Scuttles." ~ creators
Created by Muddyfoot & ♥FriendsOnly♥

Rose Heart ScuttlebugsRose Heart Scuttlebugs
These bugs have medium blue eyes, large rose color shell, golden orange spikes, sangria color body. "Rose Heart Scuttlebugs were discovered camouflaging in a rose garden. They have a sangria color body, a rose color shell, golden orange spikes in a formation of a triangle, sapphire colored eyes. Rose heart have been confused with a sweet smelling rose, and have a big heart hence their name Rose Heart Scuttlebugs." ~creators.
Created by Muddyfoot & ♥FriendsOnly♥

Harlequin ScuttlebugsHarlequin Scuttlebugs
These bugs have medium red eyes, large purple shell, orange spikes, and a teal blue body. They resemble the many colors of a jester.
Created by Lone--Wanderer and Stanupa

These bugs have small red eyes, large dusky orange shell, sunset orange spikes, and a dusty brown body. "The color scheme of these scuttles recalls a dusty old western town at dusk."
Created by Muddyfoot

Deep SeaDeep Sea Bugs
These bugs have medium blue eyes, medium butterscotch shell, orange spikes, midnight blue body. "Deep Sea ScuttleBugs were discover deep beneath the ocean and was then discovered that they had a midnight blue body, blue medium eyes, and a butterscotch shell with orange spikes. They are also nicknamed "Sugar Plum Bugs" because they have the same color as a sugar plum." ~creators.
Created by River~Run, JakesBugs, ♥FriendsOnly♥

Pixie DustPixie Dust
These bugs have a dusty-brown body, blue eyes, pinkish-purple shell, and orange spikes.
Created by Sub-BreedHQ2 and Lil JoJo

Blue SunsetBlue Sunset Bugs
These bugs have a deep blue body, dark rust shell, dark eyes, and orange spikes.
Created by *Emer*

Burnt ToastiesBurnt Toasties
These bugs look as if they've been in the sun too long. They have a brown body, big red eyes, pink spikes and an orange shell.
Created by falloutboyfan

QueencrimsonQueencrimson Bugs
These bugs have a crimson-red body with small dark green eyes, light purple shell, and pinkish-orange spikes.
Created by Dedicated Girl

RoseBud EnvyRoseBud Envy ScuttleBugs
These bugs have Deep, Dark Green skin on their bodies. There are three eye colors: Red, Blue, and Green. Eye size is medium to large. Shell color is a Rose color with Orange Spikes; and shell size is medium (even with their bodies).
Created by mom'sfarm

SpearmintSpearmint Bugs
These bugs have a spearmint color body, small blue eyes, purple shell, and peach spikes.
Created by blueflameangel

TomatoTomato Bugs
These bugs are red eyed with orange spikes, redish-purple bodies, and red shells.
Created by Ilmryn

Love BugsLove Bugs
These bugs have tiny blue eyes, rosy spikes, crimson shell, and a light green-ish body.
Created by Alone tiger

Metalic BlueMetalic Blue Bugs
These bugs have a deep blue colored skin, with a redish orange shell color. The spikes on the shell are pink. They bugs also have green eyes.
Created by Lil jOjO

Blue MistBlue Mist Bugs
Misty Blue bodies, Large dark lavender shells with rose pink spikes, and Large black eyes. Besides their unique color, Blue Mist Bugs have 2 long spikes, one at each corner of their shell. The spike directly next to the long ones is medium length, and the 3rd spike in is the shortest of them all. Ideally, the middle spike is also medium length, matching the 2nd spikes.
Created by feyani

3D Movie3D Movie Bugs
Bright blue bodies with medium sized bright red shells, pink spikes, and large red eyes. They reminded me of the old timey 3d movie glasses with the red and the blue lenses, hence their name. They also happen to be fairly large bugs, they are one of my largest bug breeds when they reach old age.
Created by feyani

Berries n' creamBerries n' Cream
Albino bodies, large dark purple shells, orange spikes, small eyes. These bugs have a large spike right next to their eyestalks on the lower row of spikes. The rest of the spikes are smaller than those 2. The outer row of spikes should be fairly even, with no crazy huge spikes showing.
Created by feyani

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* Please note that some images and links were unable to be obtained due to creators becoming unavailable. This list is compiled and displayed to be as accurate as possible, utilizing all possible resources available. When creatures in their prime were not available, old age creatures were used. Old age creatures lose color, some dramatically. If you are a sub-breed creator and have a better image, link, or description, please click here.

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