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Helpful Note: It is best to keep updated on all Creaturebreeder.com Rules and Forum Rules.

What is a Sub Breed
You can compare sub breeds to that of dog breeds. A Sub Breed is a group of creatures that have identical characteristics of appearance, primarily because they come from a select set of ancestors who had the same characteristics. We consider sub breeds 'pure' after 20 consecutive generations of selective breeding consisting of identical creatures. CreatureBreeder is a genetics based game which allows us to breed creatures true to form. This means that you can selectively breed for specific color, spot placement, feature size, body size, etc. Click the links below to view a set of features corresponding with each species. We may expand on these at a later date to include additional color characteristics.

FuzCub Fuz Cub features TurtleTot TurtleTot features ScuttleBug ScuttleBug features
Beakling Beakling features ChatterChimp ChatterChimp features BrumbleBear BrumbleBear features
FairyFrog FairyFrog features    

Sub Breed Rules
  • All Sub Breeds must look distinct from preexisting sub breeds. Please see the Sub Breed pages for current sub-breeds before submitting your sub breed.
  • All Sub Breeds must be submitted via the Forum in the specified Sticky Thread per the instructions on each sub breed's submission page.
  • All Sub Breeds must be a MINIMUM of 20 generations of PERFECT specimens. This means that it will take you a MINIMUM of 100 days (3-1/3 months) to complete a sub breed AFTER they have been honed to perfection. If you have not been working on your sub breeds for longer than that, you do NOT have a sub-breed candidate and you will be rejected. {Click here to learn what '20 generations' means}.
  • Don't simply breed a couple of similar creatures together to get on the sub breed list. Getting a sub breed is hard work that takes a lot of time. Make it worth it! Play around and see what you can get and what you like. Breed something UNIQUE. The more unique the creature, the higher it will rank on the Sub Breed page. A truly outstanding sub breed may even be featured on the front page! Note that placement is at the sole discretion of the Sub Breed Officials and not open for debate.
  • Your submission must NOT be related to any other existing sub breed or established line in ANY way. When you start making your sub breed it is your responsibility to scour the entire line for any established lines. You must go through to check EVERY creature in their line thoroughly. Due to this, it is often best (though not required) to start with store bought creatures. This way you know the are not related to any established line.
  • If ANYONE tries passing off a new sub breed as their own creation when there is proof that someone else created the breed, said person will NEVER be allowed to submit another pet for the sub breed list.

Sub Breed Form
Click on the Species to which you wish to submit a sub breed for for.

FuzCub FuzCub Submission Form TurtleTot TurtleTot Submission Form
ScuttleBug ScuttleBug Submission Form Beakling Beakling Submission Form
BrumbleBear BrumbleBear Submission Form ChatterChimp ChatterChimp Submission Form
FairyFrog Fairy Frog Submission Form.  

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