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On this page, as well as the following pages, you can view the current Official Sub Breeds.
Click the "Features" link to view many of the different general characteristics FuzCubs can have.

Cashew CubsCashew Cubs
These cubs have small ears, medium blue eyes, a large nose, and tan spots on a redish-brown color body.
Created by Chikka

Mudslide FuzzcubsMudslide Fuzzcubs
These cubs have large ears, medium black eyes, a large nose, and pink spots on a Greenish Brown color body.
The spots form a slide shape, and the cubs are the color of mud, hence the name "Mudslide Fuzzcubs."
Created by BlackMagik

Orange BlossomOrange Blossom
These cubs have medium ears, medium blue eyes, a small nose, orange spots, and a chocolate brown body.
Created by ~KARLA~

These cubs have small ears, medium brown eyes, small nose, red spots that resemble fire, and a light brown body. "The spot pattern to me resembles a flame. Think of it as having three main points; one in the middle of its forehead, another near its left ear, and another parallel to its left eye. Those are the top of the flame pattern on its face. The flame is roughly at a 45 degree angle." ~creator
Created by jr591

EyebrowEyebrow Cub
Eyebrow cubs, also known as "EB cubs" are defined by their notable eyebrow-like spots. The cub is to have 2 distinct spots under each ear. EB cubs come in many colors, both body colors and spot colors. No matter the color of cub, the eyebrow spots remain the same.
Created by Boofek, Moondreams, Rthedg, wolfblazer & DustyAmy. Terracotta EB's by Chibi

EternityEternity Cubs
These unique cubs are distinguished by their ring of spots around their body. Eternity cubs come in all body colors and spot colors.
Created by psalm9

EarringEarring FuzCub
These fuzzies are dark brown with little ears, blue eyes, and a big nose. Most notably, they are completely devoid of all spots except a single light marking below their left (our right) ear signifying an earring.
Created by catwomanjade

Strawberry Chocolate FuzzieStrawberry Chocolate Fuzzie
These fuzzies have a dark brown body with strawberry pink spots in a beard-like pattern. Strawberry Chocolate fuzzies also have short ears and big blue eyes.
Created by wolfblazer

TrinityTrinity Cubs
These cubs have large ears, cream body, big blue eyes, and spots in a pattern resembling 3 lines centering from the nose in a peace-sign pattern.
Created by psalm9

TriangleTriangle Chocolates
Their main trait are the 3 spots that form a perfect equilateral triangle, two over the eyes, one on the chin. All Triangle Chocolates have short ears, small nose, and are the beautiful chocolate brown color with the 3 light spots.
Created by marleyk

HoneyCubHoney Cub
these cubs have a rich honey color body with specifically placed light cream spots. They also have short ears, tiny nose, and big blue eyes.
Created by Hyperbunny

These cubs have short ears, large blue eyes, colors of orange two rows of 3 spots on chin.
Created by Sun Dancer

RustyRusty Fuzcub
These fuzcubs have a rich rust color, light purple fixed spots, large nose, small ears, and large blue eyes.
Created by Elf

NutmegNutmeg Fuzzies
They have blue big eyes, a pencil dot nose, a nutmeg color, purple spots, and medium ears. The arrangement of the spots were chosen as a diamond on the forehead and a slash on the right side of their face. They are known for the diamond shape on their forehead, and also called Diamonheads.
Created by LOL Smiley Face

Chocolate Oreo GoateeChocolate Oreo Goatee Cubs
These cubs are dark chocolate colored with long ears, blue eyes, and green spots.
Created by Missa-Messa

Victory FuzCubVictory FuzCub
These tiny cubs sport a victory seal composed of 3 spots in the shape of a V. The bottom of the V is just above their medium sized nose and the spots signifying the top of the V are under each medium length ear. These cubs also have big blue eyes, brown bodies, ad yellow spots.
Created by hippyhippychick

Cameron AlbinoCameron Albino/Snoball Fuzcubs/Dwarf Albino Cubs
These cubs are distinguished by their short ears, large eyes, large nose, and albino body. The Dwarf Albino Cubs look like these, though they are smaller in body side as adults.
Cameron albino created by Cameron, Snoball fuzcubs created by EmoRagDollx3, Dwarf Albino Cubs by Razaera

Shooting StarShooting Star Fuzzies
These fuzzies are made unique by their shooting star-like spot pattern. These brown fuzzies have purple spots in a pattern that looks like a shooting star under their right ear (our left).
Created by wolfblazer

Fuzzy ForkFuzzy Forks
These fuzzies have long ears, blue eyes, large bodies, medium nose, and spots only around their left (our right) cheek.
Created by tombo

These fuzzies have medium ears, blue eyes, cream body, and pruple spots.
Created by chelseajean

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