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On this page, as well as the following pages, you can view the current Official Sub Breeds.
Click the "Features" link to view many of the different general characteristics Brumble Bears can have.

Zombie BearsZombie Bears
These bears have small ears, small brown eyes, large size nose, pale beige color face, light brown color belly, blood red spots, and a murky greenish brown color body.
These bears are zombified! Their bodies are rotting, which causes them to have a sort of green tint. They are covered in blood splatters from their latest victims. Their dead, haunting eyes are always looking for their next meal...
Created by evestar

Midnight Shadow BearsMidnight Shadow Bears
These bears have medium ears, medium dark brown eyes, small nose, tan face/belly color, dark olive spot color, jet black body color.
Midnight shadow bears have silky black fur that resembles a shadow, just like it refers to in their name. They have roughly three dark olive spots on their tummy and if you look closely; a humble spot by their underarm. Meanwhile, their eyes are a dashing shade of brown. They lurk around in the midnight darkness, watch out!
Created by Idiosyncratic

Raspberry Grapefruit BearsRaspberry Grapefruit Bears
These bears have medium ears, medium brown eyes, large nose, soft bronze face, dark violet spots, and a salmon pink body.
The violet coloring of the spots visible on this breed have an unusual pattern that seem to slither up the center of the left leg until they reach the upper left of the head beside the ear. Meanwhile they have a dusty salmon shade of pink spread across their body and a bronze mask and belly.
Created by Idiosyncratic

Cinnamon Apple Pie BearsCinnamon Apple Pie Bears
These bears have large ears, medium blue eyes, a large nose, light beige face, light reddish-brown belly, gray spots, and a crimson red body.
Their sapphire-blue eyes pop out at you because they don't match the rest of their body. Everything else is a brownish-red color, while the eyes are a bright blue.
Created by iLizzie-Chimps

Tea Bag BearsTea Bag Bears
These bears have small ears, medium blue eyes, medium nose, camel brown face/belly, russet brown spots, and camel brown body. "After drinking your satisfying hot and sweet tea, you come across a bear resembling milky tea. You capture its beauty of its sapphire - blue eyes, and light brown fur matching the color fur of its belly. Their nose is not too big, nor too small for their perfectly shaped snout, same for their ears which are small. Remembering what an experience you've just gained, you think of it as the Tea Bag Bear."
Created by LOL Smiley Face & ♥FriendsOnly♥

Caramel Coated Fudge BearsCaramel Coated Fudge Bears
These bears have small ears, medium blue eyes, medium nose, tan face/belly, caramel spots, and caramel body. "Caramel Coated Fudge Bears were rescued from drowning in a caramel fudge factory. They were covered in a Caramel Fudge Coat and as well as their spots, their true color is a mystery. They have the smallest ears and have the cutest medium blue eyes. They also have a medium nose that makes them irresistible. They also lack spots they only have three visible spots."
Created by ♥FriendsOnly♥ & KiwiKraze

Summer Fruits BearSummer Fruits Bear
This bear has medium ears, large blue eyes, large nose, orange face, orange belly, and a pink body. The spot shape on this bear has sleeves with a low scoop neck, reaching the lower belly. The colors of this bear resemble the different berries that are in season during summer, Strawberry, OrangeBerry and Blueberries.
Created by Natobi

Scarlet FusionScarlet Fusion Bears
These bears are a rich brown body color with purple spots, medium blue eyes, light brown face, and large ears.
Created by Sub-BreedHQ3

CrimsonCrimson Bears
These bears have a crimson-brown body color, medium blue eyes, large nose, medium ears, blue spots, and a light brown face.
Created by LiL jOjO

Ice BearsIce Bears
Light grey fur, light greenish faces/bellies, dark blue spots, medium sized ears, medium noses, and large blue eyes. The spot pattern of these bears goes semi diagonal across their bodies, leaving them with one large spot on their right leg and none on the left. They only have one spot on each of their arms, none directly around their necks, and 2 on the left side of their heads. Their colors are supposed to look icy, with the arrangement of their spots seeming like a cold wind blowing across them.
Created by Feyani

Charcoal BerryCharcoal Berry Bears
These bears have a charchoal gray body color with purple spots, large ears, big blue eyes, big nose, and medium brown face.
Created by tombo

ArmyArmy Bears
These bears have a greenish-brown body color, dark green spots, big blue eyes, large ears, big nose, medium brown face.
Created by tombo

Cookies N CreamCookies n Cream
These bears have light gray brown fur, dark brown face, brown spots, brown eyes, large nose, and small ears.
Created by falloutboyfan & wolfblazer

Lime SpotLime Spot
True to their name, these brown bears have lime green spots. They also have a large nose, small ears, small brown eyes, and a light brown face.
Created by SR Breeding HQ

SilverSilver Bears
These bears have a silver body color, dark brown spots, dark brown face, big blue eyes, medium nose, and big ears.
Created by tombo

LavenderLavender Bears
These bears are a light lavender with orange spots, medium brown face, big blue eyes, small nose, and medium/small ears.
Created by AuanaDemon

HoneyPotHoney Pot Bears
These bears have a dark brown body with have light brown spots, medium eyes, medium/small ears, and a medium brown face.
Created by wolfblazer

These bears have greenish fur, "tomato"-ish red faces and bellies, red spots, big brown eyes, and small ears.
Created by Princess-Reality

Glowy BearsGlowy Bears
These bearshave pink fur, orange spots, brown eyes, large ears, and a big nose.
Created by whoopi & Princess-Reality

Light WhiteLight White
These bears have light gray body fur, darker gray spots, medium/light gray-brow face, brown eyes, medium nose, and tiny ears.
Creayed by wolfblazer

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* Please note that some images and links were unable to be obtained due to creators becoming unavailable. This list is compiled and displayed to be as accurate as possible, utilizing all possible resources available. When creatures in their prime were not available, old age creatures were used. Old age creatures lose color, some dramatically. If you are a sub-breed creator and have a better image, link, or description, please click here.

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