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ChimpWho/What we are.
This site is first and foremost dedicated to the Master Sub Breed list. We are the only 'official' sub breed list, kept honorable by the great moderators of the official Creature Breeder site. Do note, however, that we are not directly associated with CreatureBreeder.com other than indirectly. CreatureBreeder.com has given us a great pallet to make sub breeds with, utilizing CreatureBreeder creatures and the realistic breeding abilities (i.e. having the ability to genetically manipulate lines of species in a specific manner). If you wish to explore the current Official Sub Breed list, click on the links above to view each species' Sub Breeds.

Included in this site is not only Official Sub Breeds, but also other fun CreatureBreeder related content. For your convenience we have updated list of important Rules regarding the Sub Breeds. For your pleasure we have included a few of the many Creative Farms we have come by. Please stop by to admire the amazing work these farmers have done. Those creative farms may even help you spark a few ideas of your own! View the CreatureBreeder Staff page which gives attribute to the lowly CreatureBreeder staff, Forum staff, and Sub-Breed staff. While you're here, why not take a stroll to the Guest Book and let us know what you think!

For your convenience we have also written a list of FAQ's (located on the Forum) which will assist you in most, if not all, questions you have relating to CreatureBreeder.


What is a Sub-Breed?What exactly is a sub breed?
Sub breeds are species of animals specifically bred to create a uniform line. This is a line, with a minimum of 20 generations of creatures, that look identical to each other. Sub Breeds must also be distinctly different than other established Sub Breeds. We encourage sub breeders to breed a unique creature that stands out from the rest, much like the Valentine tot to the left.

You can think of sub breeds like dog breeds. While they are all dogs, like FuzCubs are all fuzcubs, they have individual breeds which look very different from each other. FuzCubs, as well as all the other species, can also be bred to carry specific characteristics. CreatureBreeder.com is built on real-life genetics which allow for us to manipulate their appearance in any way we wish by utilizing the genetic combinations that the CreatureBreeder creators have given us. Making a Sub Breed takes a lot of work, patience, and dedication. Understanding of actual genetics and basic inheritance helps greatly, but is not completely necessary.

To view the Official Sub Breed Rules, which will help you understand Sub Breeds more and help you in your efforts submitting a Sub Breed, view the Sub Breed Rules. Please note that you MUST join the forum to submit your sub breed information on the sub breed list here.

The following are just a few examples of the many marvelous Sub Breeds created by Creature Breeder members;

Eyebrow Rosebuds Bare Belly Earring Lawn Bugs
Bullet Trinity Berry HoneyPot Worker Tie
Berry Bugs Tiger Chimp Triangle Valentine Eternity


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